Dr Laura Larson

Dr Laura Larson, a holistic chiropractor for over 23 years, has observed the trends, talents and struggles of thousands of clients.  The common thread, we all need three basic foundations to achieve our goals. A whole system approach to an ideal state.

Dr Larson grew up in the Vail Valley, having moved here in 1977. A graduate and Valedictorian of Battle Mountain High School, 1987, she continued her education at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Larson obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic in 1993 and continued her education in a full spectrum of postgraduate studies in holistic treatments including

  • nutrition
  • blood work integration into nutritional systems
  • genetics and nutrigenomics
  • infectious herbal protocols
  • applied kinesiology
  • orthotic therapy
  • scar tissue release
  • cold laser therapy
  • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET Therapy), certified 1997

and more.  Her ongoing wellness education includes studies of functional medicine and holistic nutritional nutrigenomics.

Dr Larson’s approach is all systems need to have approaches that are simple, consistent and effective. Why? Because simply addressing the “headpin” to a group of problems, creates an environment for consistency to be achieved, and that is where a program becomes effective. To take a complete look at the disturbances, symptoms, lab work, or pain syndromes and look for the most efficient and effective outcome.

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