Alignment Services

Imagine being able to run, hike, walk, (insert your activity here) free of pain with ideal strength, flexibility and stamina.  What area would you choose to relieve first?    What would you do with your new freedom?​

  Neck, back, foot, knee, hip, shoulder or elbow pain. The body is dynamic. It works as a system where each joint effects each other.  It doesn’t have to hurt!

A slight change in an angle in your foundation or alignment has effects throughout the chain of joints, muscles, firing power in muscles, angles, stresses, forces. Like a chain of dominos, where is the first domino to fall? That is the key ingredient to the effect that brings us pain, weakness, injury, limitation. Could the key to your issues be found and supported to create healing, recovery, strength, and stability?




Life is in constant challenge and stress. How you adapt and recover from these stresses determines your health and success.

“The adjustment is not a specific treatment for any symptom or disease but rather improves nervous system function by restoring better motion and/or alignment to the spinal joints. Whether or not this causes a disease to subside or not is an illogical measure of the value of chiropractic. Normal spinal motion is a requirement for normal brain and nervous system function, so improving spinal function has a positive effect on the human being as a whole. A fully functioning spine and nerve system inevitably gives a better chance of health regardless of any symptoms or disease that may be present.”  – NZ Chiropractic Association





Muscle Strength and Balance dynamics
Kinesiolgy is the study of the mechanics of body movements.  When testing muscle strength, using muscle testing, the body is really being tested for connection of the nervous system to it’s muscle. Like a light switch to a light, the muscle fibers (lightbulb) contract if the nerve (wire) tells it to.  When strength of muscle changes, the nerve connection is either stressing (fight and flight) or functioning ideally (repairing and healing).

All of the services offered are focused on restoring ‘repairing and healing’ by reducing the ‘fight and flight’ response in any area of health.



Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics have different goals when diagnosed and applied by different forms of practitioners. A podiatrists goal is not the same as a chiropractors or a PTs.

As a chiropractor first, I was looking for the solution to the functional (CAUSE of pain, weakness, inflammation, injury, lack of recovery) issues. Not just the measurement. Measurements and proper angle correction MUST be met with ideal functional results. The proof is in the result. Did the performance become ideal with the orthotic? Customs orthotics allow for very specific correction, alteration and change in body dynamics to the stresses placed by activity.