Source of Energy: Perspective

Imagine if you could take the stress, worry or frustration off a current life stressor right now? How would that feel? What would you choose to release first?​

What do you see when you look at your world? Do you know what lights you up or what sucks the life out of you? Are you aware of the people, rules, beliefs, messages, training and experiences that created the mindset you are operating under? Are you trying to THINK different to get your success?

Here’s the rub: You can’t think yourself out of what you are FEELING!  FEELING dominates THINKING.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s how your brain works.  The two need to dance together, not fight each other.

So what do you do to create change in how you are FEELING?  That’s where working with Dr Laura Larson comes in!


Balancing Neuro Emotional Complexes

The middle brain where your feelings, instincts, intuition, emotions, and formation of new memories about past experiences, battles or balances with the cerebral cortex, your logical, thinking brain.     When our feeling brain and thinking brain are not in alignment on a topic, stress occurs.

This conflict creates a defense of excuses, rationalizations, stories and realities that often falsely try to explain the feelings we are having.   This stress can be illustrated by testable reflexes and physical identifiers. This is where the interactive work with your coach comes in, to identify and treat the hidden hurdle.  The ideal move is when you have both brains in agreement.    No resistance.   Only the feeling, KNOWING, what your true direction is.






Most people, who are sick, tired, stressed or unhappy have something in common: they are either living by other people’s rules and values or they are scared to live and make good personal choices for fear of someone not liking them.

Sounds simple right?

The problem is most of the time we are all unaware of what and why we are sabotaging our own success.  How does that happen??  When we fill the response with rationalizations, excuses, blaming, and justifying, we are trying to logically understand why we do not have it!

Work with me to create awareness to your self sabotaging behaviors! Casting the intention for our success and challenging the norm and beliefs we have made into our personal laws frees us from limitations and expanding our box.

Grit Training is a journey of self awareness and expansion through exercises, stress indicators, personality, personal chemistry, and understanding your natural strengths and weaknesses and how to use both to get the life you desire.  This is not counseling, it is a facilitating of you opening new doors and acquiring more tools to accomplish your personal goals.