Proper Ski Boot Fitting

Now that ski season is under way, one of the key elements in ensuring a high quality, happy experience eon the hill is asking yourself, “Is my equipment in good shape?”  Boot fitting is often the most talked about aspect that can either make or break your on-mountain experience.



Why is boot fitting important, perhaps even more important than your skis? Our ski boots and feet support our bodies, taking the pressure off other joints and muscles, thereby executing the performance we put into these winter sports.  AHA!!


What is the most important part of proactively keeping your body health by ensuring your joints and muscles work properly? ALIGNMENT! And where does alignment start? YOUR FEET! Remember how you grandmother scolded you all of your youth to stand and sit up straight? Well, turns out she was totally right.  What she didn’t tell you is that your feet are the key to accomplishing this: when you walk, your feet take the impact of your body weight hitting the ground – EVERY. SINGLE. STEP.


As young people grow and certainly as adults, making sure your feet are taken care of leads to increased physical and metal health by taking the stress off other parts of your body to handle your weight.  The first step, even before exercise such as running, skiing, and anything on your feet, is to find out if your feet are able to do their job.



Get your stance analyzed and discover if you need some level of orthotic or insole to help balance your body. You might not – BONUS!  If you do, you’re not alone; nearly half the population should be working on their alignment through custom or semi-custom orthotics/insoles.


Semi-custom insoles are especially important for children. Since their bones are malleable as they grow, insoles will help shape their feet to be healthier.


But how does this relate to skiing?




The average cost to get your ski boots fit is around $800-1,000, or an average $8.33 per day if you ski every day for the four months of the year the hill is open.  $15.66 per day if you ski half of those days.


Even if you can’t afford this a set of semi-custom performance insoles for your ski boots, helping your feet off the hill will impact your comfort on the hill.. Semi-custom insoles for your shoes runs $100 – equal to $0.28 per day for one year, for every other step you take outside of those ski boots.


For those who have more specific arthritis, injuries, performance requirements or unique situations, custom orthotics through Dr. Laura LArson are approximately $600 ($450 for the devices and $150 for the exam, measurements and casting).  Because these should last approximately 10 years, your cost for healthier feet and a more aligned body is $0.16 a day.

Considering the cost of health insurance and what it does not cover most often, consider investing $1,000 annually to protect your structure, joints, ligaments, strength and avoid potential injury during your days in the hill is a small price to pay for longer term health.


Why are you not making sure that structure of your body – your joints, bones and muscles – are protected and strengthened every time your feet hit the ground?  Running, walking, standing all effecting the alignment and structure you are building on.